How To Build A Conditional Form

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Follow these steps to create a conditional form - one using conditional. The logic if the Divi Form module is such that you can display a certain field when a condition is met in another field.



How to create a conditional form - one using conditional logic.




35 Minutes.

Step 1: Set It Up - Divi Form Module

Add the Divi Form Module to the page, post or template of your choice and add Form Fields.

1.) Add the Form module to a page of your choice.

2.) Define a Form Type - in this example I set the form to be a Contact Form.

3.) Add Form Fields to your form - in this example I add two Form Fields, one for a name and another for a second name.

Step 2: Customize Our Settings - Conditional Logic

The Divi Form module allows you to add conditional logic to each Form Field so that a particular field appears when a certain condition is met in another form.

1.) Enable the conditional logic button on the Form Field that you would like to hide and then display when a condition is met on another field.

2.) Define the logic Rules.

In this example, I define the logic so that the Second Name field appears when the Name field IS NOT EMPTY. What this does on the front end is that it hides the Second Name field until the user fills in the Name field.

Step 3: Add Custom Code

No custom code here.

Step 4: Conclusion

View your form from the frontend.

More Support?

Please email us at [email protected] if you are unable to get Divi Form Builder working.

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