How To Update A Divi Engine Plugin File?

Written by the Divi Engine Documentation Team


Follow this to learn how to update a Divi Engine plugin file.

Step 1: Backup Your Website

Please start off by backing up your Divi WordPress website.

Step 2: Access The Public HTML Folder Of Your Website

Using an FTP, SFTP or other protocol, access your WordPress website public HTML folder - you may need to speak to the company that hosts your Divi website.

Step 3: Open Up The wp-content Folder

From the public HTML folder, open up the wp-content folder.

Step 4: Open Up The Plugins Folder

From the wp-content folder, open up the plugins folder.

Step 5: Access Your Divi Engine Plugin

From the plugins folder, open up the folder of your Divi Engine plugin.

Step 6: Update A Divi Engine File

Follow the instructions sent to you from the Divi Engine support team and upload the file sent to you.

More Support?

Please email us at [email protected] if you are unable to get your Divi Engine plugin working.

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