Add A Layout To Your Divi Mobile Sub Menu

Written by the Divi Engine Documentation Team


Follow these steps to add a Divi Library layout to your Divi Mobile sub-menu.

Step 1: Create Divi Library Layout

Head over to Divi > Divi Library and create a layout.

Step 2: Copy The Layout ID

Copy the layout ID from the URL. Get the numbers after the "=" sign and before the "&" sign.

Step 3: Add The Layout ID As A CSS Class

Head over to your mobile menu in WordPress and add the ID as a CSS class. Use the format "dm-LAYOUTID" as the CSS class. In this example, the CSS Class is dm-5796 and will display the Divi Library layout built above. Note that the menu needs child items and every menu item that contains the CSS class will display your Divi Library layout.

Step 4: Turn On The Inject Layout Button

Head over to Divi Mobile > Sub Menu Style and turn on the feature.

Step 5: Set The Layout Position

Head over to Divi Mobile > Sub Menu Style and set the position.

  • On Top.
  • Below.
  • Remove Sub-Menu.

More Support?

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