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Follow these steps to learn how to build a multi-step form.

Step 1: Add The Form Module

Head over to a page and add the Form module.

Step 2: Add A Form Step Field

Add a New Form Field and then select "Form Step" from the Type dropdown from Form Field > Field Options.

Note that you need to have a Form Step field as the FIRST field

Step 3: Add Other Types Of Fields

Underneath the first Form Step field (above) add as many fields as you want such as the Input Field and Email Field. These fields will display in the FIRST step of the multi-step form. 

Step 4: Add Another Form Step Field

After adding OTHER field types, add ONE new form step field customizing it as described in step two above. This will then give you two steps with fields between steps one and two but no fields in the second step - you will then need to add OTHER field types underneath step two as explained in step three.

Step 5: Continue This Process

Continue this process of adding OTHER field types underneath the Form Step field. What you will have in the end is a multi-step form where each field underneath a Form Step field will display when that step is selected. The form below has three steps.

More Support?

Please email us at [email protected] if you are unable to get Divi Form Builder working.

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