Adding Posts to Wishlist/Dislike Lists

Written by the Divi Engine Documentation Team


So you want to give the ability for your visitors to add the posts to a wishlist?

Step 1: Set up

Make sure you have set up your lists in our Main Settings

Step 2: Add the module and Set Up

Add the module "Acc Wishlist Icon"

Choose the saved type as "saved or dislike" and then specify which list you want to add it to.

We will animate the icon when adding to the list but you can display a popup notification if you wanted too.

Step 3: Set Icons

The final thing to do is to add your icons. You will need to do this for each state.

  1. Add: This will appear when they can add it to the list.
  2. In List: This will appear when it is in the list.
  3. Adding: This will appear when it is adding, it will animate and rotate while adding.

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