Using Premade Loop Templates

Written by the Divi Engine Documentation Team


In this documentation, we will discuss using loop templates in the Divi Ajax Filter plugin. Loop templates are a convenient feature for those not yet ready to build custom loop layouts or looking for a quick turnkey solution to build a Divi site with efficiency in mind. Loop templates are easy to use, customizable, and load faster on the page due to their hard-coded nature.

Loop Templates DEMO ⮕

Steps to Use Loop Templates

  1. Access the Archive Loop module settings: Go to your page, find the Archive Loop module, and edit its settings.
  2. Select Loop Style: Choose 'Loop Templates' to take advantage of the available templates.
  3. Choose Loop Template: Navigate to the loop template options and select the desired template. There are several pre-built options available such as Divi Shop Style (only works with products post type), Divi Blog Style, and Background Image Style. NOTE: We will expand these as time goes on.
  4. Customize Loop Template Options: Based on the selected loop template, customize various options such as show rating, show price, add/remove cart button, and more which can be found under Loop Template Options.
  5. Design Settings: Head over to the design tab and open the Loop Template settings. Customize the design elements such as font boldness, text colors, metadata, excerpt, and other specific settings based on the selected loop template. You will find a tab that corresponds with your selected Loop Template at the top.

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