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We know you are excited to get started with Form AI, but there are a few limitation we need you to understand, and a few steps you need to complete before building your first Divi Form Builder form using our AI Field.


Currently, Divi Form Builder only supports one AI Field per form and only one form with an AI Field per page. If you add more than one out of curiosity, it will not work correctly. You have been warned :) 

GPT 4 is not yet widely available, but if you are lucky enough to have access, please note that for every $1 you spend on GPT 3.5, that you would spend about $9 for the same prompt on GPT 4.

If reading values from a select dropdown, it is important to set a placeholder for the dropdown.


You need to have at least PHP 8.1 running on the server your site is hosted. Form AI will not work without this.

You need an OpenAI account with a billing method tied to it to use the Form AI field in Divi Form Builder and have an API key added in the Divi Form Builder Settings. See the documentation on how to do all of that here.

Documentation Links

API Setup

Build your first AI Form

Divi Form Builder Form AI Settings

Divi Form Builder AI Field Settings

Prompt Engineering Basics

Form AI Examples

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