ARP Product Loop

Formally DB Loop Archive, this module will display a list of product-specific to what page it is on. You DO NOT need to specify what products you want on the category page (unless you want to) - WooCommerce and BodyCommerce will take care of this.

We have given the ability to style this up in two ways

  • Custom Layout
  • Default Layout

  1. Choose the layout you want
  2. Choose if you want the sort order, results and pagination to show.

Custom Layout

Below is a video tutorial on how to use the custom loop layout:

This is a bit more work to set up but allows full control of what you want. Below is an image of the settings page and an explanation on each

  1. The first thing you will need to do is to create a loop layout. What is a loop layout? Basically, you need to tell the archive module what each product will look like. You need to specify the product image, price and add to cart for example. So you add the modules you want to display for each product (so not all but just think of this as one). If you are using the grid layout it would be one of the cards. You can see a full list of modules you can use here
  2. Select the layout style to be a grid or list view
  3. Select the number of columns if using grid view for desktop, tablet and mobile.
  4. If you want to create something specific like only the products tagged "sale" for example, you can use this.
  5. Specify the number of products. If this is not working it is most likely Divi. Go to Divi > Theme Options and change the number "Number of Products displayed on WooCommerce archive pages"
  6. Only show products with the tags specified here
  7. Only show the products in the specific categories added here.
  8. Sort Order: Here you can choose how you want to sort the products:
    1. Date
    2. Title
    3. ID
    4. Random
    5. Menu Order
    6. Name
    7. Modified
  9. Order: Here you choose the order:
    1. Ascending
    2. Descending

Default Layout

The default layout is how it looks when you have WooCommerce and Divi first installed (no BodyCommerce). The settings here are self-explanatory. If you want to change the styling of the elements there are settings here and in the design tab to do this. 

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