How Do I Use The Layout Packs?

Where to find layout packs?

You can download all the free layout packs HERE.

How to Import and Customize a BodyCommerce Layout Pack

Step One

Make sure that WooCommerce and Body Commerce are installed and activated on your Divi website.

Step Two

Go to WooCommerce>Status>Tools and create the default pages.

Step Three

Go to Appearance>Customize and customize your footer.

Step Four

Go to the Divi Library and import the Layouts found in the zipped folder that you downloaded from Divi Engine. The layouts that you must import are in a JSON file.

Step Five

Go to Body Commerce and import the settings in the .csv file found in the zipped folder that you downloaded from Divi Engine. Go to Body Commerce>Settings>Upload Your Settings. Choose the file and click the “Save Settings” button before the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

Step Seven

Go to Settings>Reading and select a static page as the “Shop” page. After doing that you can now view the front end of your website and it should be looking good.

Step Eight

Now you will need to create categories and products.

Step Nine

Edit the home page, category page, product page, account page and so on by going to the Divi Library.

Step Ten

The last activity that I would like to show is how to use the Theme Builder section to create a more sophisticated Header and Footer. Go to Divi>Theme Builder. Here you can create a custom header and footer using Divi. In some of the layout packs, there is a JSON file that you will need to import into the Theme Builder. To import the JSON file click the import/export button on the right, then choose the file and import. After doing this you will then see a header and footer created. Click save and view your new header and footer on the front end. You can edit the footer and header on this page.

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