Conditional Filters

You can set up conditional filters using the following steps. Remember to update or publish your work as you go. Follow the images below

1.) Add A Filter.

Add the filter you want before scrolling down to the Conditional Logic section of the .FILTER POSTS Module and give them both an ID and Name. The ID can only be lowercase with no spaces.

2.) Define The logic.

The next step might need a little thought but we know you all can do it. Note that the arrows 3 to 5 show how to define a rule.

  1. Enable the conditional logic.
  2. Select whether any or all of the rules should apply.
  3. Choose the filter that you want to control.
  4. Choose the condition. As you can see below it is equals, does not equal, is greater than, is less than, contains, does not contain, is empty, is not empty.
  5. Define the value if needed. For example, we wanted to only show if the colour equals grey. Here you would need to make sure your value is correct.
  6. Delete.
  7. Add another condition.

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