How To Use The Mega Drop Down Module?

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Follow this step to use the Mega Drop Down Module.

Step 1: Add The Mega Drop Down Module

Go to your Mega Menu and add the Mega Drop Down module, then click the Save button. At the moment Mega Drop-Down only works on a Mega Menu positioned using the default WordPress menu and not on a Mega Menu positioned using the Tooltip (Popup). 

Step 2: Create A WordPress Menu

Create a new menu that you would like to work with the Mega Drop-Down module in the WordPress menu section. In the image below the menu is named Drop Down Menu 1. The Knives product category is added as a parent item with two products (Chef's Knife and Bread Knife) as children. The Chef's knife has two colours added as grandchildren menu items.

Step 3: Assign Your Menu

Go back to your Mega Menu, open up the Mega Drop-Down module and choose your menu.

Step 4: Style The Mega Drop Down

In addition to the normal Divi styling options, we have added two extra features that allow you to specify the width of the parent and child menu items as well as the direction of the child menu.

Step 5: Drop Down Overlay

If you would like your Mega Drop-Down to overlay, please add the custom CSS class dmm-overlay into the menu as seen in the images below. Add it to the child menu item with grandchildren.

More Support?

Please email us at [email protected] if you are unable to get Divi Mega Menu working.

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