How To Use The Mega Tabs Module?

Follow this documentation to learn how to use the Mega Tabs module.

Mega Menu. 

Go to your Mega Menu (please click HERE to learn how to create a Mega Menu and assign it to the default WordPress menu) and add the Mega Tabs module, then click the Save button. At the moment Mega Tabs only works on a Mega Menu positioned using the default WordPress menu and not on a Mega Menu positioned using the Tooltip (Popup). 

Create Tabs. 

Create as many tabs as you want with relevant content. This content will appear to the right of the tab when your customer hovers over the tab name. Remember to click the Save button.

Add Links. 

Adding links to your Mega Tabs is easy. Look for the Tab Links section and add one link per Mega Tab starting from the top. For example, If you would like the first tab to have a link then add the URL into the first input field in the Tab Links section. However, if you do not want a particular tab to have a link then add the "#" symbol into the input field as seen in the image below. Remember to click the Save button. 

Style Tabs. 

One reason why Divi Engine has focused on working with the Divi Theme is because of the endless styling possibilities using the Divi Builder. To style your Mega Tabs, it is important to spend time learning how to style using the Divi Builder. Please visit Divi's tutorials by clicking HERE.

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