Step 3: Create a Protect Section

Follow this documentation to learn how to create a Divi Protect Section.

Protect Sections. 

Make your way to the Protect Sections area of Divi Protect. Once inside, you will need to add a new section and give it a unique name.

Create Protected Content. 

Using the section, row and module building blocks of the Divi builder, create the content you would like to be hidden behind the Divi Protect login form. 

Configure Cookie Settings. 

Divi Protect enables you to define how long the password stays in the user's browser. This is a great way to ensure maximum safety. 

Enter A Password & Shortcode. 

Assign a password of your choice to the Divi Protect login form. Your password could be something easy for your customers to remember or a more complex arrangement of characters. To generate a strong random password click HERE. To assign this protected section to your website you can use a shortcode or our module. If you decide to go with the shortcode then you will need to add a unique arrangement of letters and the underscore sign.

Customize The Divi Protect Form. 

Customize the Divi Protect form that your customers will first see when they visit your Divi webpage. The first thing you will need to do is type in a sentence to appear with the form. The first option is to type and style your text in the box provided. Alternatively, you can import a complex design made in the Divi library. After doing this, you will need to continue customizing the form using various settings such as the button text and error message. If you would like your customer to be redirected elsewhere after entering the correct password then add the URL into the box provided.

Add Your Section & Password Form. 

The last step in this tutorial is to add the content to be protected and the secure form to your Divi website. We have given you two options for this. The first is to use the Divi code module. To do this, place a code module in the position where you would like to place your protected content and form. Then enter in the unique shortcode that you have created. For example, [test_section_shortcode] is a legitimate shortcode. Alternatively, you can use our Divi Protect module and select your protected section.

Well done for completing step three. Click HERE to proceed to step four.

Please remember to contact us HERE for any support. 

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