BodyCommerce Mods - Archive Page

BodyCommerce Mods are settings which are small or do not fit just within one of the other settings.

Archive Page Mods

We have split the global mods up into two sections.

1. Archive Page

  1. Enable Add to Basket - Enable this if you want to have the add to basket button on your category pages when possible.
  2. Enable Add to Basket Quantity - Enable this if you want to have a quantity field next to the add to cart button on your archive pages.
  3. Move Pagination to the top - If you want the pagination at the top of your products on the archive page - click yes.
  4. Description Under Image - Enable this to show the product description underneath the image.
  5. Add View Product Button - If you want to add a button below each of the product that when clicked goes to the product page, add the name of the button text here. For example, it could be "Shop Now"..

2. Product Sorting - Change the labels for the sorting dropdown

Here you can change the names of each of the sorting fields to whatever you want.

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