Step 7: Menu Style

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Follow this information to use the Menu Style of Divi Mobile.

Read First

As you build your mobile menu you need to know two things. Firstly, due to the way WordPress has been built, there may be times that the live preview mode does not load instantly. If you find this happening, please publish and reload until you see your work. Note that you may also have to view your mobile menu from a device that is not logged into the wp-admin dashboard of your Divi website such as your mobile phone. Secondly, Divi Mobile saves the menu you build to your active theme. Therefore if you change your active theme to a new child or parent theme then you will need to rebuild your menu.

Go To The Theme Customizer

Make your way to the Divi customizer by clicking on Appearance > Customize.

Click On Divi Mobile Menu Style

Click on Divi Mobile and then on Menu Style.

Menu Style

The menu style section of Divi Mobile allows you to style the menu that opens up when your customer clicks on the burger icon by adding colour, styling the font and more. While each element is self-explanatory, we do provide information on some of the features below to assist you.


If you would like to have an image as the background to your menu then upload it here.

Style your background image with these features..


Select if you would like your menu to appear from the right or the left.

More Support?

Please email us at [email protected] if you are unable to get Divi mobile working.

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