Step 4: Create A Post Type

Remember to update or publish your work as you go. Follow the images below.

1.) Add New Post Type. 

Make your way to Divi Engine > Add/Edit Post Types, create a new post type and customize the settings. After you enter the post type name Divi Machine will auto-populate the settings. Most of the settings you will want to leave as default except the Admin Sidebar Icon. For this setting visit the dashicon website, select an icon name and paste it into the space provided. 

2.) View New Post Type. 

Now your new post type is visible on the left-hand side of your wp-admin dashboard. Here you will be able to add as many individual posts as you would like to this particular post type. Repeat this process making as many post types necessary for your dynamic Divi website.

Well done for completing step four. Click HERE to proceed to step five.

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