.CATEGORY LOOP: How To Add & Style A Category Loop

The .CATEGORY LOOP module allows you to add a preview display of your Categories. Typically it will be used on the Homepage, Single Post Template Page or Archive Page.

1.) Add Image Custom Field. 

Head over to Advanced Custom Fields and add a Field Group. Assign the location to be Taxonomy is equal to your Post Type Category. Then click the Add Field button to add an image field as I have done in the image below.

2.)  Add Category Images. 

Go to the categories of the post type used above and add images for each category.

3.) Place The Category Loop Module. 

The last step is to add the Category Loop module to the page where you would like to showcase the Categories associated with the Post Type defined. Follow the images below and Style your Category Loop using the Design tab. For more information on this please visit the Elegant Themes YouTube channel.

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