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Follow these steps to learn how to use the Archive Loop module.

What Is The Archive Loop Module?

The Archive Loop Module allows you to display your Products or Posts. Typically it will be used on Archive, Category and General WordPress Pages alongside the Filter Posts Module. Do NOT use it in the Custom Loop Layout.

Step 1: Add Archive Loop Module

Add the Archive Loop module to the page of your choice.

Step 2: Customize The Archive Loop Module

After adding the Archive Loop module you will need to customize it using the settings below.

Archive Loop Settings

Module Options

  • Post Type: Select the post type to display in the loop.
  • Loop Style: Choose between the Custom Layout or Default for the style of your loop.
  • Loop Layout: If the Loop Style is Custom Layout then select your Custom Loop Layout.
  • Post Number: Define the number of posts to display.
  • Is Main Loop: Enable button if this loop is the main loop on the page (the Filter Posts Module will look for this loop).
  • Show OrderBy Menu: Hide or show the sorting dropdown menu.
  • Show Results Count: Hide or show the posts count.
  • Choose how to display Load More: Select your pagination style. Your options are a Load More button, traditional pagination, infinite load or none.
  • Scroll to top after Ajax Update: Enable to scroll to the top after the update.
  • Disable products when category has child categories: Only use this feature of product category pages to exclude products.
  • Exclude categories: Add category slugs to exclude associated products from the loop.
  • Exclude products: Add product slugs to exclude from the loop.
  • Filter/Infinite School Icon Animation: Select animation style for loading.
  • Ajax Filter Animation Icon Color: Select animation icon colour.
  • Ajax Filter Background Color: Select background colour.

Custom Layout Options

  • No Results Layout: Select a Divi Library Layout to display if no posts are present.
  • Hide Non-Purchasable Products:  Enable to hide all non-purchasable products.
  • Link each layout to product: Enable to link the whole Custom Loop Layout to 
  • Open in new tab: Enable to open products in a new tab.
  • Equal Height Grid Cards: Enable to make grid cards equal height.
  • Equal Height On Mobile: Enable to make cards equal height on mobile.
  • Align Last Module At The Bottom: Enable to align cards at the bottom.
  • Layout: Select a Grid, List or Masonry layout.
  • Grid Columns: Select the number of columns on desktop.
  • Tablet Grid Columns: Select the number of columns on tablet.
  • Mobile Grid Columns: Select the number of columns on mobile.
  • Custom Loop Query: Enable to customize your loop further.
  • Include Categories: Add a list comma-separated list of category URLs that you WANT to show. This will exclude the other categories.
  • Include Tags: Add a list comma-separated list of tag URLs that you WANT to show. This will exclude the other tags.
  • Choose Your Taxonomy: Select a taxonomy to filter.
  • Include Custom Taxonomy: Define taxonomy URLs to filter.
  • Display Featured Products: Enable to display featured products.
  • Display Most Popular Products: enable to display most popular products.
  • Display On Sale Products: Enable to display on sale products.
  • Out Of Stock Products Only? Enable to display our of stock products.
  • New Products Only? Enable to display new products only.
  • What Do You Want To Sort Your Products By? Set how you want to sort the loop.
  • Sort Order: Set the loop order.
  • Show Hidden Products: Enable to display hidden products.

Default Style Options

  • Display Style: Select a display style.
  • Columns Number: Select the number of columns.
  • Show Rating: Enable to show the rating.
  • Show Price: Enable to show the price.
  • Show Excerpt: Enable to show the excerpt.
  • Show Add To Cart Button: Enable to show the add to cart button.
  • Sale Badge Color: Select the sale badge color.
  • Rating Stars Color: Select the star rating color.
  • Product Background: Select the background color.
  • Product Padding: Select the product padding.

More Support?

Please email us at [email protected] if you are unable to get Divi Ajax Filter working.

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