Step 7: Create Custom Loop Layout

Remember to update or publish your work as you go and follow the images below.

1.) Add A New Layout Page. 

The Custom Loop Layout Page is at the heart of Divi Ajax. It is a layout built in the Divi Library that you will use to display previews of your Products and Custom Posts. Go Divi > Divi Library and add a new layout, naming it something specific to the Field Group that you want it to be associated with. For example, I have created a Field Group called Dogs Food for my Pet Shop and will be adding numerous types of dog food Products. Therefore I need a Custom Loop to display previews of my Products.

2.) Build A Custom Loop Layout. 

The section of my layout represents the outer edges of the card that will be displayed through one of our other modules like the .ARCHIVE LOOP Module. you can add any module that can be used on the Custom Loop Layout to this layout.  

3.) Style Your Custom Loop Layout. 

Style your Search Form using the Design tab. For more information on this please visit the Elegant Themes YouTube channel.

Well done for completing step seven. Click HERE to proceed to step eight.

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