Defer Background Images

To find the settings to defer Divi images go to Divi Engine  > Nitro Settings. Once on this page go to the tab Defer Background Images.

Deferring a background image is not as straight forward as an image that uses the <img> tag. Therefore we require a bit more work from you to defer them.

A) To defer a background image you will need to do the following:

  1. Enter in a unique ID name for where you want the image to defer. eg: background-image
  2. Upload your background image using the media library, copy the URL and paste it into the URL box.
  3. If you want the image to use parallax then enable this too. NB: Make sure you enable parallax in the section too

B) Go to the page where you want the background image to defer. Edit the section where you want it displayed.

  1. Go to the advanced tab in the section and enter the unique ID (background-image as per the example above) you made earlier into the box where it says “CSS ID:”
  2. If you are using parallax, make sure you have enabled this too.

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