Htaccess Modifications

Adding some code to your htaccess is a clever way to optimise your site for speed. We have several ways that you can switch on/off as you want.

Once you update any settings on this page, please visit your permalinks settings page to make the changes to your htacces file. Please note, this can cause issues if you have had other plugins making changes to the htaccess file so please make sure you have access to ftp or cpanel when saving changes. If there is an issue, simply rename the .htaccess file to something else and it will work again. You shouldn't have issues but better to be safe :D

  1. Leverage Browser Caching
  2. Enable Gzip compression
  3. Enable keep-alive
  4. Disable Image Hotlinking - Disable Image Hotlinkinge. There are chances that spammers can use your image link on their websites. And because of this, every time when someone visits that webpage, images will be loaded from your server. This is known as Image Hotlinking.
  5. Enable Cache-Control Headers

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