Other Speed Options

We have some other clever modifications that you can switch on/off, these are:

  1. Enable Defer Images in WP Editor: Disable or enable deffering images that are added via the WordPress editor (the button that says add media). Note, this outputs the code required and does not defer images already added. You will need to readd these.
  2. Disable Divi Scripts: Disable Divi Scripts on pages where the builder is not used.
  3. Disable Google Fonts: Disable or enable Google Fonts (enabled = disable Google fonts) - divi-fonts. If you have set your fonts in the Divi customiser this won't affect those fonts as will ONLY disable the ones you are not using.
  4. Disable Open Sans Font: Disable or enable Open Sans Font that gets added with Monarch Plugin and defaults Wordpress (enabled = disable fonts).
  5. Remove query strings: Remove query strings from static resources
  6. Remove WordPress emoji code: Disable or enable WordPress emoji code.
  7. Enable Woocommerce Script Cleaner: Disable or enable Woocommerce scripts when you are not directly on a page that needs it. So it doesn't load the scripts when it doesn't need to (enable = disable the scripts). NOTE: This will stop the mini cart from working with Divi BodyCommerce as it will disable the WooCommerce scripts on certain pages which the mini cart needs. 
  8. Remove Un-used code from the header: 
    Remove the unused code from your header, this includes:

    1. Really Simple Discovery - removes integration services like Flickr.
    2. Windows Live Writer - completely useless if you don't use Windows Live Writer.
    3. WordPress Generator - Displays your WordPress version - why you need this? I don't know.
    4. Post Relational Links.
    5. Remove page/posts short links - Shortlink is a shortened version of a web page’s URL - useless if you are using SEO URLs, which I hope you are
  9. Disable Heartbeat: WordPress 3.6 introduced the WordPress Heartbeat API - it allows your browser to communicate with the server when you're logged into the WordPress admin panel. Heartbeat makes checks on the different period - on post edit, it makes it every 15 seconds, on your Dashboard - every minute, etc. Each "tick" generates a POST request which adds to the number of your executions and CPU time used.
  10. Disable Images On Mobile: You can disable the load of images on mobile (if you only want to show them on the desktop), simply give the image a class (or image module) and add the class name here. For example, you can use the class "hide-mobile". (DONT put the "." - just the word/s)

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