Step 2: Prepare Yourself & Your Website For Divi Nitro

Due to the nature of WordPress, websites built with Divi will encounter bugs (problems) from time to time. This is normal for not only WordPress but ALL website software. While we are constantly doing all we can to make sure that bugs do not happen, they are unfortunately inevitable. Thank you for your patience, we are working tirelessly to help.

How To Reduce The Chance Of Bugs?

  1. Customize your website to fit around Divi and Divi Engine. What this means is that you look for compatible software.
  2. Use a Dynamic Child Theme in conjunction with Divi to add in all your Custom CSS. Click HERE to use our Child Theme for Divi.
  3. Install as FEW plugins as possible. More plugins equal more problems. We suggest a maximum of 8-10 plugins.
  4. Do not use a caching plugin but use a third party CDN like Cloudflare for caching. 
  5. Disabled Divi's static CSS file generation by doing to Divi > Theme options > Builder > Advanced. 
  6. Reset your Permalinks from time to time by going to Settings > Permalinks > Save.
  7. Delete ALL Themes, Plugins, Pages, Posts, etc. when you start building your WordPress website from a fresh install. Make sure you delete the default themes that WordPress installs on your website during a WordPress update.
  8. Host your Divi website on a quality server provider like Cloudways and get automatic backups.
  9. Disable Divi's new performance features.

Well done for completing step two. Click HERE to proceed to step three.

Please remember to contact us HERE for any support. 

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