G Product Carousel Module

Divi BodyCommerce allows you to create a product carousel wth our carousel module.

Below is a video that demonstrates how to use this, written documentation is below the video.

To setup the product carousel you need to create/do two things: create the loop layout and add the module to the page.

1. Create the product loop layout

The loop layout is a layout that you create which each product in the loop will look for to display the information you tell it to. You can see more about this on our loop module documentation ARP Product Loop and the modules you can use Divi BodyCommerce Modules.

So what you do is to create a new layout and add for example the thumbnail, title, price and add to cart module. This is the layout that each product will look for.

2. Add the carousel module to your page

On the page that you want, add the carousel module to the page (for example the shop layout). The carousel has loads of settings to change the amount of images you want for the desktop, tablet and mobile as well as only display the featured, most popular or you can create a custom loop based on tags and categories.

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