Nitro Minify Step By Step

Below is an alternative step by step guide on using Nitro Minify to minify your scripts

  1. Go to Divi Engine > Nitro minify. Here you will be minifying, combining and deferring JavaScript and minifying and combining CSS. However, depending on how your website is built, minifying JavacScript can stop some elements from working. The website will, “break.” So you will need to be patient with this section and work hard at it. The final results will be worth it!
  2. Check the “enable helper” checkbox and save.
  3. Go to the home page (front end) of your website and click the Nitro minify in the navigation. After doing this, a dark screen will appear with two colors of text: blue and green. The Javascript is green and the CSS is blue. 
  4. Start off with the CSS because it is the easiest. Highlight all the blue text under the word, “CSS” and copy this. Go back to Divi Nitro and click, “enable CSS minification” then add the code you just copied into the input box. Scroll down and click save. Now if you go back to the front end and click the “NitroMinify” in the navigation bar, you will see the CSS crossed out. This means that all that CSS has been minified. Well Done! If it is not crossed out then try again highlighting all the blue text under the word, “CSS” but not the CSS that has the word “header” or “footer” in it. Once doing this, you can repeat the same action with the CSS blue words that contain the word “header.” This time, create a “new queue” in the Divi Nitro settings and add this code there. Click save. If it still is not crossed out, the script is most likely an external script and we cannot minify this.
  5. Now onto the Javascript. Here is where you have to be slow and patient because by minifying, deferring and combining Javascript, some functionalities in the website can break. Highlight ONE of the green words under the name, “JavaScripts” and go back to the plugin settings. Click on, “enable Javascript minification” and paste this word into the blank input field and click save. Go back to the front end and you should see that word crossed out. This means that that piece of JavaScript has been minified, deferred and combined. Now go through your entire website looking to see if anything has stopped WORKING. Remember that JavaScript gives websites their actions, so look for movement and actions such as adding products to carts. Also look at the mobile view by inspecting the website. If something is not working, then take that JavaScript word out of the input field and choose another word from the list. Repeat. In general, I normally only have to exclude one or maybe two JavaScript words from this list. Most JavaScript can be minified, deferred and combined. 

That is it and remember to contact us if you need any help!

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