Create Custom Posts

Create your own custom posts using our settings.

  1. Go to Divi Engine > Post Types
  2. Add a new title for your custom post (for example: Team Members)
  3. Choose the settings you want for your custom post and publish it. For specific details on the settings, see below.

Specific settings

  1. Post Type Name
    Choose the name of your post
  2. Post Type Slug
    This is very important. It is the slug (shown in the url) of your custom post. If you change this it can cause issues with your posts you have already created. Please choose this with care from the start
  3. Description
    A short descriptive summary of the post type.
  4. Name (Plural)
    Post type plural name. e.g. Products, Events or Movies.
  5. Public
    Show post type in the admin UI.
  6. Show in Admin Sidebar
    Show post type in admin sidebar
  7. Show in Admin Sidebar Position
    Show post type in admin sidebar position
  8. Admin Sidebar Icon
    Post type icon. Use dashicon name
  9. Show in Admin Bar
    Show post type in admin bar
  10. Show in Navigation Menus
    Show post type in Navigation Menus
  11. Taxonomies
    Comma-separated list of Taxonomies. These are the things you want for example you may want categories, tags, topics etc..
  12. Supports
    Choose what your custom post should support - for example "Content (editor)" will show the editor panel in your custom post.
  13. Exclude From Search
    Posts of this type should be excluded from search results
  14. Enable Archives
    Enables post type archives. Post type key is used as default archive slug
  15. Custom Archive Slug
    Set custom archive slug (you do not need to add this if you want to use the slug name above)
  16. Hierarchical
    If you want your posts to have descendants (like pages) where you have parent and children posts - enable this.

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