ACF Item Module

The module "ACF Item" helps you display the fields on your website. It can be used on your single template or the custom loop layout.

Settings are as follows:

Main Options

  1. Repeater Custom Label
    Only applies for when you are using a repeater module, allows you to easily identify what each ACF item is in the repeater module.
  2. ACF Name
    Here you choose the field that you want to display.
  3. Show Label
    This enable button will show the field label, or you can specify your own custom label.
  4. Prettify Your Text
    If you are using a number/range field and the value is being returned as a number - you might want to pretify the text. Instead of it showing as 10000, you can have it show as 10,000
  5. Prefix
    Add a letter or work to prefix the value (for example "£")
  6. Text Before
    Add some text to appear before the ACF value
  7. Label Separator
    Add your separator between the label and value
  8. Prefix
    Add a prefix to your value, for example you might want to add a currency symbol like £ if it is a price field
  9. Text Before
    If you want text to appear before (above) your value, add it here.

Specific Settings

This section will have settings specific to the ACF fields such as file or link fields.

  1. Image/File/Link Return Format
    Make sure to select the same return format here as in ACF settings page. We always suggest to keep it as an array as this way you can have alt or title tags automatically set.
  2. Make File/Link Button?
    Here you can make your file or link field a button. Then edit the appearance in the design tab.
  3. URL Field - remove website link name
    This is specific to the URL field. If you want to have a social media icon for example. Make it a URL field, enable this so it is blank and then add an icon before (see below) - this will keep the link but remove the text/website link name.
  4. Image size
    This returns the all the available image sizes to use - enable the one you want.
  5. True/False Text - True
    If your field returns a true or false value, specify the text you want to be shown here for the true value.
  6. True/False Text - False
    If your field returns a true or false value, specify the text you want to be shown here for the false value.

Image & Icon

  1. Use Icon
    If you want to use an icon before or after the value - enable it here.
  2. Icon
    Choose the icon you want shown.
  3. Custom Image before/after
    Specify if you want an image uploaded instead of a Divi icon.
  4. Image / Icon Placement
    You can choose where you want the icon in comparison to the value
  5. Custom Image before/after max width
    Specify the image size

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