Archive Loop Module

The module "Archive Loop" displays the posts in a grid format (or list if you want). You can use this on the archive, pages, category or single pages.

Settings are as follows:

Main Options

  1. Post Type
    Specify the post type you want to show
  2. Custom Loop Layout
    Specify the Custom Loop Layout - here is documentation on what this is and how to create it. Create a layout in the Divi Library to be shown for each post in the loop.
  3. Filter Update Animation Style
    Choose the ajax animation that is shown when the posts are being loaded with the ajax filters.
  4. Animation Icon Color
    Choose the color of your animation icon
  5. No Posts Layout
    Like the custom loop layout, specify a Divi Library layout to be shown when there are no posts.

Loop Options (to create custom queries)

  1. Post Status
    Choose the status of the posts you want to show.
  2. Post Count
    Specify the number of posts to be shown.
  3. Include Categories
    Add the slug of the categories you want to show, comma-seperated.
  4. Include Tags
    Add the slug of the tags you want to show, comma-seperated.
  5. Filter by ACF Name
    If you want to only show posts that have a specific ACF value - choose the ACF item here and specify the value in the next setting.
  6. ACF Value
    Specify the ACF value - it will only show posts with this value
  7. Sort Order
    Choose the order of the posts
  8. Order
    Make it ascending or descending - based on the sort order value.

Element Options

  1. Enable Load More
    If you want a button to appear when there are more posts available, enable this. The viewer will see a button to press to load more posts.

Grid Options

  1. Grid Style
    Choose the style of the posts - grid or masonry
  2. Equal Height Grid Cards
    If you want each of the grid items to be equal in height - enable this
  3. Align Last Module at the bottom
    Once you have the same height grid cards, if you want the last module to all be aligned at the bottom (like a button) - enable this.
  4. Grid Columns
    Specify the column number on desktop
  5. Tablet Grid Columns
    Specify the column number on tablet
  6. MobileGrid Columns
    Specify the column number on mobile

Extra Options

  1. Link each layout to single page
    Enable this if you want the whole layout for each post to link to the single page. Make sure you have no links in the custom loop layout (like buttons) as things can get messed up having a link inside of another link.

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