The Divi Page Builder Is Spinning

Here is a growing list of possible fixes for when the Divi Page Builder stops working. Give an option a go, Save and then test to see if the Builder is working. If not, come back to this list and try another option.

Option: Disable Latest Divi Builder Experience & Use The Classic Editor.

Option: Disable Caching Plugins, Divi's Cache & Clear Browsing Data.

Option: Update Divi & Other Plugins

Option: Upgrade Server Resources & PHP Version.

Visit Divi's Support Center to see if your Divi website needs its resources updated. If it does then you will need to contact your host provider to upgrade your server resources including its PHP version.

Option: Discover A Plugin Conflict.

Carefully work through each of your plugins, disabling as you go and checking to see if the Divi Page Builder is working. From time to time a plugin conflict could be the cause of the issue.

Option: Check Your Error.Log File.

Please send us the error that your error.log file shows so that we can find a solution.

Option: Disable Divi Nitro.

Disable Divi Nitro while building, but remember to reactivate after.

Option: Flush WordPress Permalink Cache.

Flush permalink structure by saving twice. Note that this may cause other issues.

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