My Image Lightbox Is Broken

Written by the Divi Engine Documentation Team


Follow these steps if the image lightbox of your gallery module is broken.

Step 1: Double-check Your Setup

Start by ensuring that you have selected the lightbox button in the module.

Step 2: Update, Disable & Flush

Very often, WordPress Divi problems can be solved by updating. Make sure that Divi Mobile and Divi are updated (do this on a staging website or with the ability to restore). If your lightbox is still broken after the update, disable the Divi performance options that are related to JQuery, CSS and JS (Javascript) in Divi > Theme Options along with the static CSS file generation found by going to Divi > Theme Options > Builder > Advanced. End off by flushing your permalink structure twice by saving the permalink structure. Go to Settings > Permalinks > Save Twice. Now open in a cache free browser.

Step 3: Find A Plugin Conflict

OK, so your lightbox is still broken even after all that. Let's keep exploring. Please test to see if there is a plugin conflict. Disable all plugins except Machine and ACF, clear your browser cache and then see if the issue goes away. If the lightbox is now opening then you know that it is a plugin conflict. Reactivate each plugin one at a time until you find the troublesome plugin.

Step 4: Restore Your Website

We have found that when our customers update a plugin or theme, things break. Perhaps your lightbox issue has to do with a recent update. To get your live website working again, please restore it to a version from before the update (when the lightbox worked) and then contact us. We will then ask you to create a staging website where we can update again and test to see where the problem lies.

More Support?

Please email us at [email protected] if you are unable to get your Divi Engine plugin working.

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