Custom Loop Layout - Machine

What is a custom loop layout?

A custom loop layout is a way for you to have complete control on how your posts are shown on the archive loop. What if you want to add an ACF item or button for each post in the loop? This is how you do this.


  1. Go to the Divi Library and add a new layout
  2. In this layout, add the modules you want to be shown for each post. For example if you want the title of the post to be shown, add the .Title module. If you want to show (for example) the price of your post, add the ACF Item module and specify the price field.
  3. Enable this layout in the Archive Loop module.

We will do a video very soon explaining this but in the meantime please take a look at these videos

We also have this feature for our other plugin Divi BodyCommerce which focuses on WooCommerce - the same principles apply, so you might want to check out these videos, see below

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