Featured Image Not Showing In Custom Loop Layout

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Follow these steps if your featured image is not showing in the Custom Loop Layout.

The Problem: Dynamic Data

Divi Dynamic Data can be troublesome. We have seen that sometimes it does not show the featured image. Since we do not control Divi's code, we cannot modify it to make it work. We have reported the issue to Elegant Themes.

Right now, we have two solutions.

Scenario 1 (featured image as image)


The featured image is not showing when using the image module and setting the dynamic data to the featured image.


Please use our Thumbnail module which we provide.

Scenario 2 (featured image as background image)


The featured image is not showing when using dynamic data in the background - for example on the row or column (see below


The CSS is not being generated by Divi to show the featured image as a background image. We, therefore, need to get creative and use our thumbnail module to get the image and then transform it into looking like a background image. There is an SEO advantage of this since the image can be crawled by Google (background images cannot).

Step 1: Add Thumbnail Module

Remove the featured image set by dynamic data, insert our thumbnail module in the area you want it to show and then add a custom class name to the module, something like "absolute_img" would work well.

Step 2: Add Custom CSS

Go to Divi > Theme Options > Custom CSS and add the following CSS.

Now the featured image should show as a background image.

More Support?

Please email us at [email protected] if you are unable to get your Divi Engine plugin working.

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