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The Edit Post module is used to give users the ability to edit existing posts from the frontend. Add the module to the Divi Theme Builder layout and customize it as described below.

Why Edit Post Module?

You have created a form that allows users to create custom posts. Great! Now, what if you would like to give people the ability to edit their post content from the frontend? The Edit Post module is your solution. 

Theme Builder

Start off by adding the Edit Post Module to the theme builder template that you have set up for your custom posts. In my example below, I have created a layout for my Recruitment Profiles posts.

Customize Edit Post Module

We have a number of settings for you to use (see below), but the main one is the Edit Page section.

  1. Create a page and add a form with all the form fields for them to edit. This can be the same form they used to create the custom posts.
  2. Assign this page in our settings.

Content Tab

The content tab has general settings and then settings that relate to each specific field. Below you will find explanations of each setting. The design tab has the same layout as any other Divi module.

Content Tab

  • Button Text: Give your form button specific text.
  • Full-Width Button: Make your button full-width.
  • Show For Author Only: Enable this button if you would like to make the button visible for authors only.

Edit In Modal

  • Show Posts in Modal: Enable this button if you would like to edit the form in a post modal and not on the actual form page.
  • Modal Form Layout: Build a layout in the Divi Library containing the same form as the one you have built on the page.
  • Modal Style: Set the modal style as a centre (modal in the centre) or side (Modal on the side).
  • Modal Overlay Background: Set the colour of the Modal overlay background colour. 
  • Modal Close Icon: Set the type of icon you would like for the close button.
  • Modal Close Icon Color: Set the colour for the close icon.

Edit The Page

  • Edit Page: What page do you want to edit? This is the page containing the form used to create the post, page, etc.
  • Open In New Tab: Enable this button if you would like to open the form page in a new tab.
  • Loading Post Animation Color: Design the colour for the loading post animation. This is the animation that appears while the post loads.

More Support?

Please email us at [email protected] if you are unable to get Divi Form Builder working.

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