Field Mapping

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Follow these steps to learn how to use field mapping.

What Is Field Mapping?

Field mapping is the transfer of information from the fields in a Create type form to the appropriate places. For example, if you would like your users to create custom post types, you will need each field to map the information into the correct ACF fields.

Step 1: Define Main Options

Start off by setting up the Main Options section of the Form module. This entails selecting the create type form and assigning the default status of the post.

Step 2: Define Field Mapping Options

Inside the Mapping Options section, you will need to select an item from two dropdown fields. The first dropdown is the Type of Field, such as ACF. The second is the specific information associated with the type of field, such as the ACF field.

Mapping To Image Gallery

Please know that when mapping the Image Upload field to an image gallery, please only select the image gallery ACF field and not each individual image in the gallery.

More Support?

Please email us at [email protected] if you are unable to get Divi Form Builder working.

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