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Follow these steps to learn how to add a password field type to your form.

Step 1: Select Password Field

Add the Form module to your page of choice and select Password Field from the Type dropdown. Make sure you add a Field Title and Field ID.

Step 2: Define Password Layout Options

A feature that is unique to the password field is the ability to add an icon that when clicked reveals the password. To add this feature, enable the icon on the input, select the icon and add some style - this icon will automatically show when a user enters a password and is the icon for the hidden password. Scroll down and add the secondary icon - this icon will be the icon for the revealed password. Now after entering in a password, if someone clicks the icon their password will be revealed.

Step 3: Customize The Form

Customize the rest of your Form using our documentation to your left. There you will find, among other topics, a detailed description of the Form Module settings along with how to set up a contact form, login form, post create form and so on.

Step 4: View The Result

View the result from the frontend.

More Support?

Please email us at [email protected] if you are unable to get Divi Form Builder working.

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