Filter Swatches

Our Filter swatches only work with WooCommerce attributes at the moment. Below is how you set them up.

Step 1:

Go to Product > Attributes

Add your attribute and it's options. An example would be Color and then Red, Blue and Green.

Step 2:

When editing or adding the attribute, under "Type" - choose the type of swatch you want. 

The color will show a color swatch.
The image will show images.
The label will show a label.

Step 3:

Add or edit each attribute items now. Depending on what type you selected there are different options.

Color - add the hex code of the color you want.

Image - add the URL of the image (you can copy this from the media library)

Label - nothing to do here.

Below is an example of the color swatch for blue

Step 4:

In the Filter module, add a filter item.

Choose product attribute, then choose for it to be a swatch and it will show as a color, image or label swatch.

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