How To Setup Filter Swatches?

A Filter Swatch is an attractive WooCommerce Filter that uses colour or images instead of words. Our Filter Swatches are used in the .FILTER POSTS Module. Remember to update or publish your work as you go. Follow the images below. Note that this setup only works for WooCommerce.

1.) Create Product Attributes.

Go to Product > Attributes and add your attribute. For example, Origin Country is one of the Product Attributes below.

2.) Edit Each Attribute.

When editing each Product Attribute you will need to choose a Type. Make sure that you select the correct Type depending on the type of data that you would like to use. For example, Colour will be Type Color and Image will be Type Image.

3.) Configure Items.

Next up you will need to configure Items for each Attribute. The configuration will depend on the Type of data that you have assigned to this attribute. For example, if you have selected Color then add your different Colours as Items.

4.) Add Filter Item.

Make your way to the page where you have added the .FILTER POSTS and .ARCHIVE Module and add a New Filter Item searching for the correct Product Attributes.

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