Step 1: Install & Overview

Follow this documentation to learn how to install Divi Nitro.

Divi Engine Account. 

Log into your Divi Engine account and click the My Downloads button on the left-hand side of your screen.

Download Divi Nitro. 

Click the big bold Divi Nitro button.

Upload Divi Nitro.

Log into your Divi website wp-admin dashboard and make your way to the Plugins section by clicking on the Plugins button. Once inside, click on the Add New button at the top. After clicking the Upload Plugin button, you will have the option of choosing a file to upload. Click this button, navigate to your downloads folder - or another folder where your copy of our Divi Nitro plugin is being stored - and upload Divi Nitro.

Activate Divi Nitro.

Activate Divi Nitro by clicking the Activate button that you will find in the Plugins sections of your wp-admin dashboard.

Grab Your Key.

Your last step is to go to your Divi Engine account, copy your key and then paste it into Divi Nitro to access regular updates. See the images below for how to do this.

Well done for completing step one. Click HERE to proceed to step two.

Please remember to contact us HERE for any support. 

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