Step 4: Defer Divi Images

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Follow this information to defer your images.

Click On Nitro settings

Access Nitro settings.

Enable Defer Images

Click the tab titled Defer Images and turn on the switch. For clarity's sake, the Enabled switch means ON and the Disabled switch means OFF. After turning on this switch, click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the tab. Please be aware that our image deferring may prevent the loading of some blog images that conflict with Divi Nitro.

Defer Background Images In Section

Click the Defer Background Images tab. Deferring a background image is not as straightforward as an image. To defer all background images that you have added into Divi’s section building block, enable the switch titled Defer Section Images and then click the Save Changes button.

Defer Background Images In Rows & Modules

If you would like to defer a background image that you have added into Divi’s row or module building block then follow the steps below. Please know that after completing these steps you will need to go to the Divi builder and edit the row or module where the background image is found by adding your custom ID into the Advanced tab.

  1. Enter a unique ID name for your first image. Our suggestion is background_image_1.
  2. Copy and paste your image URL (found in wp-admin Media Gallery) of image one into the box provided.
  3. If you want the image to use parallax then enable this, but make sure that you enable parallax in the section.
  4. Click the Save Changes button.
  5. Repeat this process for up to ten images.

More Support?

Please email us at [email protected] if you are unable to get Divi Nitro working.

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