BodyCommerce Mods Overview

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BodyCommerce Mods are additional modifications (mods) that you can make to your online store. Use this guide to learn about these mods.

Step 1: Access Global Mods

To access BodyCommerce Mods click on BodyCommerce > BodyCommerce Mods. These Mods are divided into nine sections.

Section 1: Global Mods

The Global Mods relate to general modifications such as providing a default product image, removing breadcrumbs and editing the WooCommerce notices.

Section 2: Archive Page Mods

The Archive Page Mods relate to modifications on the shop, category and other archive pages such as editing the sorting text in the sorting feature.

Section 3: Single Page Mods

Single Page Mods relate to modifications on the single page template such as ordering the product tabs, removing the Add to Cart notification and giving the short description a title.

Section 4: User/Customer Mods

User/Customer Mods relate to modifications that impact the user such as the password strength and message for logged out users.

Section 5: Cart/Checkout Mods

The Cart/Checkout Mods relate to modifications on the cart and checkout page such as the default country at checkout.

Section 6: Admin Dash Mods

The Admin Dash Mods relate to modifications on the admin wp-admin dashboard such as the name of WooCommerce on the dashboard and the icon.

Section 7: Form Field Customizer

The Form Field Customizer relate to form fields on your website such as the quantity or select boxes.

Section 8: Shortcodes

The Shortcodes section contains a list of shortcodes that you can use on your website. Click to copy the shortcode and paste it into the text or code module.

Section 9: Custom CSS/JS

The Custom CSS/JS section allows you to add custom CSS and JS to your website.

More Support?

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