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Follow these steps to learn how to use the Search Posts module.

Step 1: Add Search Posts Module

Start off by adding the Search Posts Module to the page of your choice.

Step 2: Customize Main Settings Main Options

Assign the Search Posts Module to the correct Post Type.  Please view the Search Post Module settings below.

Step 3: Add A Search Item

Add a Search Item and select what you would like to Filter/Search and the Post Type.  Please view the Search Post Module settings below.

Step 4: Define Search Settings

Make your way to Divi Engine > Machine Settings > Search Settings to define what you would like the Search Posts module to search.

Step 5: Search Results Page

Create and style a Search Results Page layout in the Divi Theme Builder by adding the Archive Loop Module and Custom Loop Layout.

Step 6: No Results Layout

Create and style a No Results Page layout in the Divi Library and assign it to the Archive Loop Module of the Search Results Page found in the Divi Theme Builder.

Search Post Module Settings

Main Settings Main Options

  • Search Post Type: Select the Post Type to search.
  • Search Button Text: Set the Search Button text.
  • Make Button Inline: Enable to make the button inline.
  • Show Search Result In New Tab: Enable to make the Search Results page open in a new tab.
  • Submit To Archive Page: Enable this to make the user end up on the Archive Page (with Archive Loop Layout) when searching.

Search Item Main Options

  • Admin Filter Name: Assign the admin filter name.
  • Search/Filter: Select what you would like to Search/Filter.
  • Delay To Filter: Select the Delay Time.
  • Post Type: Select the Post Type.
  • Show Filter & Parameters: Select whether you would like to show Filter Parameters.
  • Exclude Options: Define URLs to filter out.
  • Display Filter Count: Enable to display the Filter Count.
  • Display Empty Filter Options: Enable to display the empty Filter Options.
  • Show Label: Enable to show the label.
  • Custom Label:  Define a custom label,

Search Item Layout Options

  • Filter Width: Set the filter width.

Search Item Text Filter Options

  • Placeholder Text: Define the Text Filter Placeholder Text.
  • Make Text A Number Input: Enable to make Text a Number Input.

Search Item Select Filter Options

  • Enable Select2: Enable to enable Select2.
  • First Option Text: Set the text for the first option.

Search Item Category Filter Options

  • Sub Category Identification: Select the Sub Category Position.
  • Indent Spacing: Select the Indent Position.
  • Toggle Color: Set the colour for the toggle.

Search Item Checkbox / Radio Filter Options

  • Checkbox / Radio Button Functionality: Select the functionality of the checkbox / radio button.
  • Checkbox / Radio Style: Select the style of the checkbox / radio button.
  • Display Checkbox / Radio Button Inline: Enable to display the checkbox/radio button line.
  • Gap Between Each Item: Set the gap between each item in the inline style.
  • All Label Text: Set the all option label text.
  • Hide All: Enable to hide the "all" option.
  • Limit Height Of Checkbox / Radio Filter: Enable to set the height of the checkbox/radio button.
  • Max Height Of The Filter Item: Set the height.
  • Show More Text: Set the show more text.
  • Show Less Text: Set the show less text.
  • Show More/Less Icon: Set the show more / less icon.
  • Show More/Less Icon Size: Set the show more / less icon size.
  • Show More/Less Icon Position Top: Set the show more / less icon position at the top.
  • Show More/Less Icon Position Right: Set the show more / less icon position on the right.
  • Only Show Available Options: Enable to only show available options.

Search item Swatch Filter Options

  • Swatch Style: Select a style for your swatches.
  • Swatch Width: Set the swatch width.
  • Swatch Height: Set the swatch height.
  • Swatch Background Color: Set the swatch background colour.
  • Swatch Border Color: Set the swatch border colour.
  • Active Swatch Background Color: Set the active swatch background colour.
  • Active Swatch Border Color: Set the active swatch border colour.
  • Swatch Border Width: Set the swatch border width.

Search Item Conditional Logic

  • Logic ID: Set the conditional logic ID for this field. Please use only English without special characters.
  • Logic Title: Give the condition an admin name.
  • Enable: Enable to turn on conditional logic.
  • Relation: Set the relation to be any or all.
  • Rule 1: Select the name of the field from the first dropdown. For example, I might want the "Age" field to show.
  • Rule 2: Select the logic of the condition from the second drop-down. For example, I might want the "Age" field to show if the age is greater than.
  • Rule 3: The third field is where the last piece of logic is placed. For example, I might want the "Age" field to show if the age is greater than 10.
  • More information: Click HERE for more information on Divi's conditional logic.

Search Item Range Filter Options

  • Range Values Type: Select custom or default.
  • Range From Number: Set the first number.
  • Range To Number: Set the last number.
  • Set Your Customer Values: Set your custom values (if you have selected custom in the Range Values Type).
  • Number/Range Step: Set the step.
  • Number/Range Appearance Style: Set the style.
  • Range Primary Colour: Set the primary colour.
  • Range Secondary Colour: Set the secondary colour.
  • Range Hide Min And Max Values: Enable to hide min and max values.
  • Range Hide From And To Values: Enable to hide from and to values.
  • Number/Range Prettify: Prettify your number/range item.
  • Number/Range Prettify Separator: Set the number/range separator.
  • Number/Range Before Text: Set the text before the number/range item.
  • Number/Range After Text: Set the text after the number/range item.

Search ItemTrue / False Filter Options

  • True Text: Set the text for the true option.
  • False Text: Set the text for false for the false option.

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