Create A Tags Template Page

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Follow this information to create a Tags template page for your products of a tag.

Step 1: Create Tags

Create as many tags as you would like and assign them to your products.

Step 2: View Tags

By default, Divi Body Commerce will assign the category page layout to your tags. View this by right-clicking on the view button for each tag. If you would like to build a custom layout for your tags, continue reading.

Step 3: Build A Layout

Make your way to the Divi Library and build a Tags Template page. You can add any orange module since this type of page is an Archive page. As you can see I add two modules. The first module shows the name of the tag and the second shows the products associated with that tag.

Step 4: Assign Layout

To end off, head over to Divi Engine > Body Commerce > Tags Page and assign the Tags Template. If you would like to create custom templates for each tag you can do so and assign each layout on this page.

More Support?

Please email us at [email protected] if you are unable to get Divi BodyCommerce working.

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