Orderby Module

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Follow these steps to learn how to use the Orderby module.

Step 1: Add Orderby & Archive Loop

Make your way to the page of your choice and add the Orderby Module and Archive Loop Module.

Step 2: Customize The Orderby Module

After adding the Orderby Module you will need to add at least two Orderby Items. Please view the Orderby Module settings below.

Orderby Module Settings

Main Settings Main Options

  • Orderby Location: Select the position of the Orderby Module.

Orderby Item Main Options

  • Orderby Name: Define the item name.
  • What do you want to filter: Select relevance, ACF Item or date.
  • ACF Name: Select the ACF field.
  • Ascending or descending: Select whether you would like to ascend or descend.

More Support?

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