Post Meta Module

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Follow these steps to learn how to use the Post Meta module. 

Step 1: Create Layout Or Post Type Template.

Make your way to either the Divi Library to build a Custom Loop Layout or the Divi Theme Builder to create a Single Post Type Template for a specific Post Type.

Step 2: Add The Post Meta Module

After adding the Post Meta Module you will need to customize it by adding a New Meta Item. Please view the Post Meta Module settings below.

Post Meta Module Settings

Main Settings Main Options

  • Display Inline: Enable to display your items inline.

Meta Item Main Options

  • Choose Your Meta Item: Select the Meta Item to display.
  • Post Type: Select the Post Type.
  • Show Label: Enable to show the Label.
  • Label Name: Define the Label.
  • Link Items: Enable to add a link to the metadata.

Post Item Specific Settings

  • Show Value/s As Buttons: Enable to turn the metadata into buttons.
  • Custom Post Data Format: Define the date format.
  • Item Separator: Define a separator of the metadata items.
  • Prefix: Define anything to show before the item.
  • Text Before: Define text to show before the item.

Post Item Image & Icon

  • Use Icon: Enable to use an icon.
  • Icon: Select Icon.
  • Custom Image: Deine an image.
  • Image/Icon Placement: Select the position of the image or icon.
  • Custom Image Max Width: Select the image max-width.

More Support?

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