Post Slider Module

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Follow these steps to learn how to use the Post Slider module.

Step 1: Add Post Slider Module

Make your way to the page of your choice and add the Post Slider Module.

Step 2: Customize The Post Slider Module

After adding the Post Slider Module you will need to customize it by defining the Post Type. Please view the Post Slider Module settings below.

Post Slider Module Settings


  • Post Type: Select your Post Type.
  • Product Display Number: Define the number of products to display.
  • Include Categories: Define category URLs to filter.
  • Include Tags: Define tag URLs to filter.
  • Choose Your Taxonomy: Select a taxonomy to filter.
  • Include Custom Taxonomy: Define taxonomy URLs to filter.
  • Filter By ACF Name: Select an ACF field to filter.
  • ACF Value: Define the ACF value.
  • Order By: Select the ordering.
  • Button Text: Define the button text.
  • Content Display: Select post short description or content.
  • Use Product Short Description: Enable to automatically generate the short description.
  • Automatic Short Description Length: Define the length of the automatic short description.


  • Show Arrows: Enable arrows.
  • Show Controls: Enable controls.
  • Show Read More Button: Enable read more button.

Featured Image

  • Show Product Image: Enable to show product image.
  • Image Placement: Select the position.

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