BodyCommerce Shortcodes

We have created some shortcodes for you to use on your site. Below is a list of available ones to use.

  1. Cart Icon - [bodycommerce_cart_icon] - Displays the Cart/Basket icon.
  2. Product Reviews - [bodycommerce_reviews] - Displays the product reviews module.
  3. User Name - [db_woo_get_name] - Displays the customers user name.
  4. Display Attributes - [bc_display_attributes] - This will output all the attributes of the product. You can customise this further by defining the attribute or attributes you want to show. For example if you add [bc_display_attributes attributes="color"] it will show the color attributes or if you add [bc_display_attributes attributes="color|size"] it will show the color and the size attributes. This becomes particularly interesting when you use them in other modules like the accordion or tab modules.
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