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Follow these steps to learn how to use the View Post module.

Step 1: Create A Layout

Make your way to the Divi Library to build a Custom Loop Layout.

Step 2: Add & Customize The View Post Module

After adding the View Post Module to your Custom Loop Layout you will need to define the Button Text. Please view the View Post Module settings below.

View Post Module Settings


  • Button Text: Define the button text.
  • Custom URL End: Define a string after the URL, such as an anchor link.
  • Fullwidth Button: Enable to make the button fullwidth.
  • Open in New Tab: Enable to open link in a new tab.
  • Open to External Site: Enable to open the link to an external website.
  • External ACF Text Field: Select the external link ACF field.
  • Show Posts Modal: Enable to make the button open up as a modal.
  • Post Type: Select the Post Type.
  • How Do You Want To Display: Select Modal or Update Content.
  • Modal/Content Loop Layout: Select the Post Modal layout.
  • Modal Style: Select style.
  • Modal Overlay Background: Define the overlay colour.
  • Modal Close Icon: Select the close icon.
  • Modal Close Icon Colour: Select the close icon colour.
  • Modal Close Icon Size: Define the close icon size.
  • Next & Previous Post: Enable to show the next and previous features.
  • Modal Previous Icon: Select the previous icon.
  • Modal Next Icon: Select the next icon.
  • Modal Previous & Next Icon Colour: Define the previous and next icon colour.
  • Modal Previous & Next Icon Size: Define the previous and next icon size.
  • Loading Post Animation Color: Define the colour of the animation.

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