Checkout Fields

Divi BodyCommerce allows you to add some custom checkout fields to your form.

BC Checkout Fields

To find the settings to defer Divi images go to: Divi Engine  > BC Checkout Fields.

Click “Add New” to create a new checkout custom field, below are the settings you need to add and can add if you wish.

  1. Title(required): Add a name for your field – this will be shown on the order details.
  2. Field Name/Label: Choose a name for the field - something like - Billing Colour.
  3. Field Type: Choose the type of checkout field. So far we have:
    1. Text
    2. Textarea
    3. Checkbox
  4. Placeholder: Type your preferred placeholder such as "Red".
  5. Unique ID: Give your field a unique ID that will be responsible for saving the information to the database - something like - "billing_color" - NO SPACES ALLOWED.
  6. Required Field: Enable if you want the field to be required.
  7. Error Message: Type the message you want to appear when someone doesnt enter in the required field.
  8. Field Width: Choose if you want the field to be fullwidth or 50% width.
  9. Display Field on View Order page?
  10. Add the custom field to email?
  11. Where to add the field: Choose where you want to add the custom field to on the checkout page - the options are:
    1. Billing
    2. Shipping
    3. After order Notes
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