Checkout Fields

Divi BodyCommerce allows you to add some custom checkout fields to your form. Remember to update or publish your work as you go.

BC Checkout Fields

Go to Divi Engine  > BC Checkout Fields. Click β€œAdd New” to create a new checkout custom field and then customize the field.
  1. Title(required): Add a name for your field – this will be shown on the order details.
  2. Field Name/Label: Choose a name for the field - something like - Billing Colour.
  3. Field Type: Choose the type of checkout field. So far we have:
    1. Text
    2. Textarea
    3. Checkbox
  4. Placeholder: Type your preferred placeholder such as "Red".
  5. Unique ID: Give your field a unique ID that will be responsible for saving the information to the database - something like - "billing_color" - NO SPACES ALLOWED.
  6. Required Field: Enable if you want the field to be required.
  7. Error Message: Type the message you want to appear when someone doesnt enter in the required field.
  8. Field Width: Choose if you want the field to be fullwidth or 50% width.
  9. Display Field on View Order page?
  10. Add the custom field to email?
  11. Where to add the field: Choose where you want to add the custom field to on the checkout page - the options are:
    1. Billing
    2. Shipping
    3. After order Notes
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