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Follow these steps to add a unique map to each of your posts of one custom post type.

Step 1: Create Map Custom Field

Go to ACF, find the Field Group of your choice and create a map field.

Step 2: Add An API Key

Go to Google Maps Platform and click on the credentials page. From there you will need to create a project and add the following APIs: Maps JavaScript API, Geocoding API and Places API. After this, you will be able to create an API key. Copy and paste this key into Divi > Theme Options > General.

Step 3: Test Your API Key

If you have done this correctly, then in your post you should see a live preview of Google Maps in the Map field. 

Step 4: Override The Divi Map Module

Go to Machine > Settings and override the Map Module by assigning your maps field and custom post type associated with the field. 

Step 5: Add An Address

Then go to your posts and add an address into the space provided.

Step 6: Build Your Page

Now it is time to add the Divi Map Module to your single post page template built in the Divi Theme Builder. Add the Map module and one pin.

Step 7: Adjust The Map Zoom

Using the + and - signs, adjust the map zoom level to the height of your choice, then save your page.

More Support?

Please email us at [email protected] if you are unable to get Divi Machine working.

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