BodyCommerce Module Overview

View BodyCommerce Modules. 

To view our modules, go to Divi Library and create a new Test layout. Add a Section and Row and then a Module. Scroll down and all the modules with a “.” (period) before the name with a coloured circle with an icon are our BodyCommerce modules.

How our modules are named. 

Above is an example of one of our modules. As you can see, we have broken it up into 3 different sections.

1) Abbreviation:
This is primarily used to sort the modules into groups to easily identify them.
It is also used to identify where you can use them. For example "PL" is short for Product Page & Loop Layout, so you can use them on here. "CHP" would be Checkout Page, "PP" would be Product Page, and so on.

2) What the module does
This is a bit easier to understand. It tells you what the module does - in our example above, this will add the "add to cart" section for your products.

3) Where you can use the module
In case the abbreviation is confusing, we then go on to explain where you can use the module - in our example, it can be used on the product page and the Custom Loop Layout.

To learn more about each module please click HERE and on each appropriate page in the Divi BodyCommerce menu to your left.

Where can the modules be used? 

The most important thing for you to know is that you CANNOT add any module anywhere. Each module is made for a specific page and then there are global modules that can be added anywhere. How do you know which module you can use on which page? To learn more about each module please click HERE and on each appropriate page in the Divi BodyCommerce menu to your left.

Our modules are named to give you an idea of where they can be used. Firstly we add abbreviations at the start of the name. For example, LL means Loop Layout. PP means Product Page and PL means Product Page and Loop Layout. Secondly, we have added more information at the end of the module name. For example,  AP Addresses is used on the Account Page and LL View Product Btn shows a button that is linked to each product.

Use BodyCommerce Modules. 

Another question you might have is, "how do I use the module?” We do have documentation on our modules which you can find through the search field or by exploring the documentation.

Generally speaking, though there are three Tabs in each module. The Content, the Design and Advanced. You will very rarely need to use the advanced tab, only Content and Design. Content is where you will set up the functionality of the plugin and Design is where you will style it. Take for example the Add to Cart button. You will find that there are often many many settings in the content area. We know that if you are using our modules for the first time this may be overwhelming. Many of the settings have an explanation which you can read by clicking on the “?” question mark sign. In addition, we have documentation on each module and if you need information that we have not clearly specified please contact us and we will write another document to help you.”

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